Winners of the ebbits mobile hackathon
Posted by on 10 September 2013 00:00
Watch the ebbits prize ceremony at the Campus Party Europe, announcing the winners of the ebbits mobile hackathon on food safety through food traceability.
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The Campus Party Europe is an annual technology festival which took place in London on 2-7 September 2013. ebbits organised and sponsored a mobile hackathon - a 48 hour challenge to create a new mobile application on food safety through food traceability.

Watch the prize ceremony below where ebbits Project Coordinator, Dr. Markus Eisenhauer presents the winners.

One first prize and two second prizes were given. First prize (1000) went to Marian Claudiu Moldocan, Ovidiu Mircea Moldovan and Jose Luis Gonzalez Moreno for BeefQ/BestBeef.

Second prize (500) went to Pau Contreras de Luna, Jorge Lavin Montoro, Pablo Fernandez Iglesias and Jesus Iniesta for Food Finder.

Second prize (500) went to Alberto Martin Alcubierre, Cesar Alvarez Jimenez, Jose VIla Bausili, Enrique Mendoza Robaina, Alejandro Cespedes Vicente and Alberto Sanz Herrero for Food Quality.

One of the second prize winners produced a video illustrating their solution, Food Finder.

In another video Thomas Madsen from partner TNM is interviewed about the food traceability hackathon (jump to 00.58 sec).

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