Innovations in the Green Factory
Posted by on 04 November 2014 15:02
ebbits organised a hackathon at the Green Hackfest in Utrecht on 10-12th October. Three prizes were given for optimising production at a factory.
Extended News
The Green Hackfest is an innovation event where specialists meet, brainstorm and develop software projects on the theme of applied sustainability.

ebbits participated with a Green Factory challenge: Create a mobile app for production optimisation at a factory where products are assembled on a production line. We provide the API with access to sensor data from robots and sensors. Optimisation should take place autonomously, with as little human interaction as possible.

Four developer teams out of 14 joined the ebbits challenge and the projects were judged by originality and usefulness. Three prizes were at stake. The 1st prize was 2.500 Euros, the 2nd prize 1.000 Euros and the 3rd prize was 500 Euroes.

First place went to the project Phylipsen with integration of benchmarking between factories and between lines in the same factory and visual support for real-time monitoring and energy consumption.

Second place went to the project HMIke Greenbelt for facilitating quick decision making and predictive maintenance support. Consumption data were used to optimise production based on electricity prices.

Third place went to the Green Hactory project which included monitoring, error recognition and health status of workers.

See the projects here