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The ebbits project is affiliated with the following programs and organisations:

The ebbits project is active in the FInES cluster, the Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES) Cluster, where ebbits is leading the taskforces on international relations and manufacture and industry. Read more here.

The ebbits project is part of the Cluster of European projects on the Internet of Things. The Cluster aims to promote a common vision of the Internet of Things. ebbits is leading the taskforce on semantic interoperability


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The ebbits project is a 4-year project started in 2010. It is partly funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme in the area of Internet of Things and Enterprise environments under Grant Agreement no. 257852


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Legal notes

Legal Notesebbits
The ebbits project has no independent legal status but is the result of work performed by a consortium of independent partners, temporarily created with the aim to perform research work under contract with the European Commission.

The project started on 1 September 2010 and the consortium retain collectively the rights to the information contained on this Web site.

Project coordinator (legal representative)
Markus Eisenhauer
Head of Mobile Knowledge Business Area
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT
Schloss Birlinghoven
53754 Sankt Augustin

+49 2241 14 28 59 (office)
+49 2241 14-2080 (fax)
Email: markus.eisenhauer@fit.fraunhofer.de

Webmaster (website representative)
Jesper Thestrup
In-JeT ApS
Jeppe Aakjærs Vej 15
3460 Birkerød

+45 45 82 13 24 (office)
Email: jth@in-jet.dk

Usage Rights
Copyright © by the ebbits Project

All rights reserved. All copyright for this Web site are owned in full by the ebbits Project.

Permission is granted to download or print material published on this site for personal use only. Its use for any other purpose, and in particular its commercial use or distribution, is strictly forbidden in the absence of prior written approval.

Please address your requests for approval to:

Markus Eisenhauer
Head of Mobile Knowledge Business Area
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT
Schloss Birlinghoven
53754 Sankt Augustin
Email: markus.eisenhauer@fit.fraunhofer.de

Notwithstanding this requirement, material may be downloaded or printed for use in connection with scientific work and reports and press reports on the activities of the ebbits Project and its partners, on condition that the following terms are complied with:
  • No alterations may be made to pictorial content, with the exception of framing modifications to emphasize the central motive.
  • The source must be quoted and two free reference copies must be sent to the above-mentioned address. Such usage is free of charge.

Project consortium
Fraunhofer Institute for applied Information Technology FIT DE
CNet Svenska AB CNET SE
SAP Research SAP DE
Comau S.p.A COMAU IT
Technical University of Kosice TUK SK
Istituto Superiore "Mario Boella" ISMB IT
Intersoft AS IS SK

General Disclaimer
The material or information provided on this Web site does not in any way represent views of the European Commission. Nor does it represent views of the individual partners.

The ebbits Project has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the content of this Web site is accurate and complete. However, the possibility of errors cannot be entirely ruled out. We do not give any warranty in respect of the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of material published on this Web site, and disclaim all liability for (material or non-material) loss or damage incurred by third parties arising from the use of content obtained from this Web site.

Neither the ebbits Project nor the individual partners can assume any liability for the content of external pages. Solely the operators of those linked pages are responsible for their content.

Registered trademarks and proprietary names, and copyrighted text and images, are not generally indicated as such on our Web pages. But the absence of such indications in no way implies that these names, images or text belong to the public domain in the context of trademark or copyright law.

The ebbits project is co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme in the area of Internet of Things and Enterprise Environments under Grant Agreement no.257852.

The ebbits project does not receive any external funding for the creation and maintenance of this site from advertisers or any other commercial interest.

This present statement of legal conditions came into effect on 30 November 2010.